BM Slideshow Pro For Virtuemart

Module BM Slideshow Pro For Virtuemart is a professional slideshow. It support joomla 2.x with Virtuemart component
It support to show products on an amazing slideshow.
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BM Slideshow Pro For Virtuemart

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  • This module support 100% responsive both for main image and paging.
  • Module has 3 types for paging (Horizontal, Vertical, Special):
    - With Horizontal type, paging display under the bottom of slideshow, at the paging you can show title and short description of items.
    - With Vertical type, paging display on the left of slideshow,at the paging you can show title and short description of items.
    - With Special type, images will display on next and preview buttons, when you click on them images on that will change too.
  • You can set number items of paging to show. Eg: you have 7 items but you only show 5 on paging you can do it.

Module's params

  • Select Resize Type: Select a Type to Resize Images (6 types, you can use ORIGINAL IMAGE type if want to show image not resized).
  • Get Images From: Where do you to get a image from an article (Full article image, Intro Image¬† or Intro Text).
  • Title limit: Character number for title
  • Readmore Limit: Character number for introtext
  • Show title: Turn on & off title
  • Add link title: (Y/N)
  • Select H tag for title: H1...H6
  • Show description: (Y/N)
  • Show readmore: Show readmore button (Y/N)
  • Readmore label: Change Readmore label here
  • Kept Html: Kept html for description (Y/N)
  • Content's effect: Select way content appear (Fade, from top, from bottom, from left, from right)
  • Select effect: Select an effect for slideshow (ScrollHorz, Fadeout, Fade, None)
  • Previous & Next buttons: Select Yes, module will insert Previous / Next buttons
  • Stop on Hover: (Y/N)
  • Slide speed: Set speed for slideshow( smaller is faster )
  • Slide timeout: Time between each slide (seconds)
  • Starting slide: Number of item that you want display first
  • Paging type: Horizontal, Vertical, Special
  • Paging items number: number of items will display on paging first (If you have 5 items and you set this param is 3, 3 items will display first)
  • Readmore Limit: Character number for introtext on paging
  • Paging title: Show title of item on paging or not
  • Paging description: Show description on paging or not
  • Paging images full: If you want image on paging display full width please select 'Yes'
  • Paging's background: Set background color for paging
  • Paging color text: Set color for text on paging
  • Show paging: (Y/N)
  • Icons buttons effect: Select Yes if you want icons run when hover buttons
  • Hide buttons: Hide Next and preview buttons when select 'Paging type' is 'Special'
  • Ratio content & paging: Config ratio for content and paging when 'Paging type' is 'Vertical'


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