BM Articles Slideshow Pro

Module BM Articles Slideshow Pro is a professional slideshow. It support joomla 2.x and joomla 3.x
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BM Articles Slideshow Pro

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  • This module support 100% responsive both for main image and paging.
  • Module has 3 types for paging (Horizontal, Vertical, Special):
    - With Horizontal type, paging display under the bottom of slideshow, at the paging you can show title and short description of items.
    - With Vertical type, paging display on the left of slideshow,at the paging you can show title and short description of items.
    - With Special type, images will display on next and preview buttons, when you click on them images on that will change too.
  • You can set number items of paging to show. Eg: you have 7 items but you only show 5 on paging you can do it.

Module's params

  • Select Resize Type: Select a Type to Resize Images (6 types, you can use ORIGINAL IMAGE type if want to show image not resized).
  • Get Images From: Where do you to get a image from an article (Full article image, Intro Image  or Intro Text).
  • Title limit: Character number for title
  • Readmore Limit: Character number for introtext
  • Show title: Turn on & off title
  • Add link title: (Y/N)
  • Select H tag for title: H1...H6
  • Show description: (Y/N)
  • Show readmore: Show readmore button (Y/N)
  • Readmore label: Change Readmore label here
  • Kept Html: Kept html for description (Y/N)
  • Content's effect: Select way content appear (Fade, from top, from bottom, from left, from right)
  • Select effect: Select an effect for slideshow (ScrollHorz, Fadeout, Fade, None)
  • Previous & Next buttons: Select Yes, module will insert Previous / Next buttons
  • Stop on Hover: (Y/N)
  • Slide speed: Set speed for slideshow( smaller is faster )
  • Slide timeout: Time between each slide (seconds)
  • Starting slide: Number of item that you want display first
  • Paging type: Horizontal, Vertical, Special
  • Paging items number: number of items will display on paging first (If you have 5 items and you set this param is 3, 3 items will display first)
  • Readmore Limit: Character number for introtext on paging
  • Paging title: Show title of item on paging or not
  • Paging description: Show description on paging or not
  • Paging images full: If you want image on paging display full width please select 'Yes'
  • Paging's background: Set background color for paging
  • Paging color text: Set color for text on paging
  • Show paging: (Y/N)
  • Icons buttons effect: Select Yes if you want icons run when hover buttons
  • Hide buttons: Hide Next and preview buttons when select 'Paging type' is 'Special'
  • Ratio content & paging: Config ratio for content and paging when 'Paging type' is 'Vertical'



Tuesday, 18 January 2022
please help to buy BM Articles Slideshow Pro..complete with module. we need the module soon. thank you

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