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BM K2 Skitter Slideshow - Module

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* This is a Module for joomla 2.5 and 3.x

  • The Module support to show K2 item's images ( K2 component ) or folder's images.
  • You can control many part of slideshow, show them or not, it belong to you.
  • You can select theme (5 theme), control part on it. It support many amazing animation (38 animations).


* Work nice on all browsers.

* Show aticles's images:
  • Source: Select items from category or specific items.
  • Category: Selects Articles from one or more Categories. If no selection will show all categories as default.
  • Count: The number of Articles to display (the default is 5).
  • Featured Articles: Show/Hide Articles designated as Featured.
  • Order: Select article with order.

* Module configs:

  • Select Themes: Give you 5 theme of Skitter.
  • Image's width & Image's height: Set size for image to resize, it is slideshow's size too.
  • Select Resize Type: You chose how articles's image is resized.
  • Get Images From: Help you select image in an article to show (Full article image, intro image and intro text).
  • Select Animation: Select animation you like (38 animations supported).
  • Auto Play: Slidehow auto play or not.
  • Show Controls: Show or hode control (Play & Stop button).
  • Controls position: Where you want show control.
  • Show Dots: Show pagiantion like dots (hover on dots will show thumb image).
  • Easing: You can select one in many easing effects.
  • Focus: Enable it and click to focus icon your slideshow will display on popup (it's nice!).
  • Focus position: Where you want Focus icon display.
  • Fullscreen: If you want slideshow display full screen.
  • Hide all tools: It will all tools when display but will appear when mouseover tools.
  • Interval: Speed change images.
  • Show Lable: Show label or not.
  • Label animation: Select animation for label (left, right, slideup, fixed).
  • Show Navigation: Show next and preview button?
  • Show number: Ahow pagination as number.
  • Number align: Align for number.
  • Show Preview: Show Preview buntton in navigation?
  • Show Progessbar: Display Progessbar or not.
  • Show random: Order display images is random or not.
  • Stop when over: Slideshow will stop when mouseover or not.
  • Show thumbs: Show thumb image or not.
  • Velocity animation: Speed for animation.
  • XML file: Path of XML file to load image and content. Eg: http://yourdomain/data/slides.xml. You can find demo for xml file in this module's assets/xml folder
Note: If your website has loaded jquery, you can turn off load jquery in this module's param "Load Jquery" (Eg: joomla default v3.x)

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Download Module Here
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